Cortisone Infos Corticosteroids are widely prescribed worldwide. It is estimated that, at any point of time, about 1% of the general population is receiving oral corticosteroids.

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Hidden glucocorticoids compounds in food and dietary supplements

A Korean study analyzed 294 samples of "food" or "dietary supplements" sold in stores or on the Internet and whose alleged goal was "to treat arthritis" or "improve bone or joint pain."
The authors of this study looked for illegal traces of 35 glucocorticoids in these so-called "functional foods" and approximately 30% of the tested samples were idenfied as having been illicitly adulterated!
The drugs found were mainly dexamethasone (45.1%), 21-cotrisone aceteate and prednisone-21-acetate (16.2%) and betamethasone (14.4%) and were found in some samples in high concentrations.
In conclusin, beware of "dietary supplements" with supposedly medicinal properties purchased in stores or online because they may contain active substances that can be dangerous when not adequately taken and especially when we do not even know they are taken!
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