Cortisone Infos Les corticoïdes sont des traitements largement prescrits. On estime qu'à chaque instant, environ 1% de la population française reçoit un traitement par corticoïdes.

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How to improve treatment compliance?

Although the effectiveness of glucocorticoids for the treatment of many allergic, inflammatory or malignant disease is well established, the impact that treatment can have on everyday life (especially because of its adverse effects) explains that compliance is not always best, far from it.
An American study interviewed 358 patients with asthma and treated for it with inhaled corticosteroids. These patients were interviewed regarding whether or not they were adequately taken the drug (=compliance). The characteristics of those reporting taking their medication regularly were compared with those who were not taken it as prescribed.
Overall, only 37% of those patients reported taking their medication regularly.
Some medication use strategies associated with good glucocorticoids compliance were identified: the treatment compliance was better when the drug was kept in a usual location (e.g., in the bathroom) rather than when it had no precise positioning; it was also better when the treatment was integrated in a daily routine (e.g., taken when brushing teeth); Finally, compliance was better when treatment was taken at a specific time rather than variable hours.
These strategies can improve compliance of patients who have trouble remembering to take their glucocorticoid therapy!
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