Supplementary medication(s)

Several treatments are frequently associated with corticosteroids when they are prescribed for many weeks or months:

  • Treatment to prevent osteoporosis is often prescribed (calcium, vitamin D and in certain cases, bisphosphonates)
  • Some physicians prescribe a preventative treatment with potassium
  • Patients that report stomach pain after using cortisone may receive an anti-ulcer treatment. However, this is not routine and is only used under certain circumstances.
  • Certain vaccinations (e.g. influenza, pneumococcus) are recommended in patients that have gone through long-term treatment with corticosteroids to reduce the risk of infectious diseases.
  • In cases of insomnia or severe mood disorders, appropriate treatment can be prescribed.
  • During the termination of a prescription of corticosteroids that has lasted for several months, some doctors prescribe a biological test and/or temporary hydrocortisone treatment in an attempt to limit the risk of adrenal insufficiency. Again, this is only used in certain circumstances and is not a routine procedure.

lastest update : August 02 2018